August 9, Microsoft Patch Motherlode

Looks like a pretty huge batch of updates is coming from Microsoft next week.

There's a lot of shenanigans going on the internet right now and as usual Microsoft's products are the targets.

Looks like it's the usual suspects; Internet Explorer and Windows OS components. In my position I need to look carefully at every one of these to see what subsystems are going to be changed by these updates.

In the past, a number of business-critical functions have suffered as a result of poor patch testing by Microsoft, even against other Microsoft products. In particular a recent update disabled IE users from using the Explorer view for SharePoint Shared Document folders. That was a fine piece of misery to work through, I can tell you!

While I won't be surprised, I will still shake my head if I see more image and font exploits this month, as I have seen for the last year or so. It seems like they are constantly tweaking long-standing vulnerabilities in order to continue to support OS-integrated systems like music and image tagging.

So it looks like I'm due for a good 2-3 hours of reviewing these updates next Wednesday to see what's going to pass muster so I can continue to strike the balance between security and productivity.

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