Small Business Take Heed

There's enough IT things working against small business; from predatory consultants to vague billing from subscription services like phone and internet use. Your relationship with your bank is one of those things that's relied upon for all your critical business needs.

Today's ruling spells out in clear terms that you are responsible for conducting your business with the bank in a safe and secure way. Failure to do so with simple bank passwords and secret questions can result in the lost of hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Some advice from the security world in regards to online banking is still pretty sound and I would encourage everyone with a commitment to business security to use it.

- Use a dedicated computer for financial transactions. Don't use it for anything else than your banking. No web browsing, no games, no photos, no email, no music or videos; nothing but bank activity. When you aren't using that computer; turn it off. Update it with antivirus and security updates on a weekly basis.

- Change your password every 3 months. A moving target is much harder to hit than a stationary one.

- Do not, ever use a mobile phone for banking. There is just too much risk and too many chances for failure.

- Do your banking on a schedule. Tuesday for deposits, Thursday for bill paying. Be consistent. Ask your bank to contact you for any odd transactions outside of the norm.

- Check your bank activity weekly. Usually when you do a deposit or bill pay, you can check your recent transactions. Do so and verify that they're legitimate.

A little extra work on your part can save your business.

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