Open Letter to Vendors Posing as Harbingers of Industry Change

Today's message said:

"Using switches for access is a thing of the past and your wiring closet is going the way of the public phone booth."

I know you are trying to make a buck in a down economy. I know you want to see new innovative products in the marketplace. I know that somehow a broad-based unsolicited email message is a cost-effective marketing tool.

What you don't know is my business, my client or my environment. The biggest turnoff to me as an IT Director is someone touting how the latest (i.e. NOT FREE) product will save me time and money. It's a bold-faced lie.

The fastest way to get your domain black-holed is to assume I need something because it's merely IT-related. Spend the 5 minutes to browse my website, 10 minutes to understand my client's business and customers, THEN throw me a sales pitch which acknowledges my needs.

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