Wayyyy overdue for a post...

I had it on my to-do list to make a monthly post here but alas I have been way too busy.

What's going on? Well I can tell you that when you work for a small company in an economic downturn which lasts a couple years; some of the solutions you put in place which seem like a good idea become quite burdensome after a few years of being unable to invest any money into keeping them up to date.

I'm a huge advocate of disaster recovery and computing security. By neglecting to take an assessment of how you deliver services within the context of having to cut back at some point in the future; you seriously jeopardize your solutions. Just as you must consider a power outage part of your disaster recovery plan, you should also plan for economic downturns which will cut the funding for supporting complex business-critical solutions.

Luckily for my employer, I have only gotten better at delivering services on dwindling resources. Lucky for me, I have an employer that understands there are limits and we have reached limits in a couple different areas.

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