Windows 7... Wasn't really worth waiting for.

I watched the Windows Vista release very closely because I was aware of a great many bad things about it. Microsoft's ignorance to address these key problems pre-release led me to take the approach that it was a release to be avoided. This was going to be another Windows ME.

When you look back at such things, it's easy to see how badly something was because you can see how much better things got after it.

I think Windows 7 is going to underwhelm. In fact, it's probably what Vista should have been, with a few notable exceptions like a journalling file system, and the complete exclusion of Internet Explorer from the OS install.

Windows 7 brings a few things new to the table such as "Problem Steps Recorder" which allow you to record what it is you are doing to screw your computer up. This is certainly valuable to me, as someone who supports it, but I know a few end users who aren't going to care about it. In fact, I'll probably hear "Well if Windows 7 is supposed to be better,then why would they need this at all?"

Good question. I suppose the only real innovation coming out of Redmond anymore isn't new technologies, but rather the innovation in fixing the stuff they customize after buying up the smaller companies' real innovations.

Granted I haven't worked with Windows 7 for more than about 10 hours or so and there's a lot more to explore; my approach in testing OS's is more from the end user perspective.

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