What a slacker I am...

Yes, well I have been busy. Well no, I haven't. I have been slacking off.

It's a really good thing I work for someone else, because if I were to wholly rely upon myself for creating things out of the blue, I'd be up a creek.

So far January has been repair-month. A whole lot of fixing and workarounding (well it reads better than workingaround). For the most part it's been successful.

The DC at home is barely holding together. I REALLY need to get into the research to figure out if/how to make a Linux-based domain to replace this POS W2K Advanced Server box.

Network authentication is important at home since we have a few single-use computers around, it's easier to control my son's access when we aren't home, we have 2 network file shares, and I'm just addicted to single-sign-on in general.

I'm not very motivated to do this however. I ought not wait until the DC to fail though. Setting up another domain from scratch will undoubtedly cause much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

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