So Long Castle Cops!

Security Board CastleCops Closes Operations - After serving the IT community for nearly seven years - Softpedia:
"For hundreds of CastleCops volunteers, Christmas has not brought good news this year, as reports about their beloved website closing down have surfaced. The community behind the project directed their efforts over the years towards tracking phishing campaigns, analyzing malware, training users and offering free assistance with cleaning systems."
Castle Cops was the #2 destination for me when I'm investigating security issues.  Sharp folks were there and very good advice was given constantly. 

This is a terrible loss to the IT community and an even worse loss to thousands of PC enthusiasts who desperately needed help with crippling malware.  When software developers regularly enabled and ignored the obvious security issues with their software, Castle Cops was one of VERY few legitimate places to get assistance.

Ironic that the biggest purveyor of insecure software should hire away the man whose absence led to the demise of the site.