Sometimes it seems IT is like the fashion industry.

You read about all these wonderful technological advances or some harebrained scheme like "Web 2.0" or "Software-As-A-Service", and the industry is just abuzz with activity about the next new fad, but in reality these things rarely make it to market and wind up on some "Top 10 ideas that never had a chance" lists.

Have you seen those wild fashion shows, where the models are wearing clothes that go way beyond unpractical? A skirt that has a 80" circumference on a 24" waist, or a bra made from traffic pylons? People in the fashion industry frequently herald some of this as the next wave in fashion, but to this day the only pylons I see are the ones around construction sites.

The best things about technology are rarely the shockers. Stable, well-written code. Secure communications. Practical and well thought-out purpose which has meaning to the greatest demographic of users.

Show me one person who demands interoperability between mobile, PC, television, PVR, microwave and their friggin' toaster, and I will show you 1,000 people who want nothing more than to print a web page on letter-sized paper.

In the end, both come away disappointed. Oh well, it sure looked fetching on the runway.

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